Wednesday, September 10, 2014

09.10.14 {week 59}

Hey Family!

First things first, it's P-day here in the Italy Milan Mission and that means that today I am in Genova!  The Molinaris are a missionary couple in Alessandria and they invited Sorella Roth and me to come to Genova with them today to do some sight-seeing.  It was actually really convenient because we were going to take a train to Genova tonight anyway for a scambio...  So here we are!  I took TONS of pictures, but only sent a few...  Y'all will have to wait for my homecoming slideshow to see them all!  Anyway, we went to this little town called Nervi, right near Genova.  That's where most of the pictures came from.  It was beautiful!  We walked along the coast for a while and then went to one of the Nervi museums - it was a modern art museum and it was really cool!  And now we're here in the ghetto part of Genova doing some email before we have to split up for our scambio.  I'll be here in Genova with Sorella Mantz while Sorella Roth goes to Alessandria with Sorella Ball (her MTC comp) for their very last scambio of the mission!  Yep, Sorella Roth will be leaving me in seven days time.  Crazy.

We have had a week of miracles up in Alessandria!  First miracle:  G. AND S. ARE GETTING BAPTIZED ON SATURDAY!  We are so so SO excited. This family was found about a week before I came here to Alessandria, so I've been able to see their entire progression and it is seriously incredible.  A., their dad, was baptized this last Saturday (he was being taught by the Anziani because we literally couldn't teach him and his wife, E., together.  It just...wasn't pretty) and now the girls are so ready to be baptized.  I've seriously seen a change for the better in them.  They are so excited as well.  I feel like Heavenly Father has placed so many little girls in my path during my mission and I'm more than willing to step up and be their big sister (in two senses of the word).  Both G. and S. have talked about how they want to be sister missionaries like us when they grow up.  Nothing would make me happier.  I love these girls and this family to death.  Their mom, E., is also incredible.  She's trying to overcome  smoking, which is why she isn't baptized yet.  But she has a strong testimony and is ALMOST totally done with the cigarettes.  I've almost cried a couple of times at lessons with them this week as she has told us that she's only been smoking 4-6 cigarettes a day.  Compared to the 40 she was smoking when I got here, I'd say that's pretty good.  They love the song "Sono un figlio di Dio" and ask us to sing it every time we have a lesson with them (which is every day...).  And when E. gets the urge to smoke a cigarette, she hums that song and she is able to resist.  I gave her one of my MoTab CDs the other day.  Hopefully that will help too.  That's actually the second one I've given away here...I might come home empty handed.  But that's okay.  ;)

I feel like there were SO many more miracles this week and just no time to write about them.  Also, this week is just a blur in my mind, so I can't remember anything that happened.  Oh!  There was a Europe Area Sisters Conference last night.  Anziano Ballard and Bednar spoke.  It was AMAZING.  I wish I had more time to write about it, but I really don't.  Also, we showed up soaking wet at the church, after having ridden there in the HUGE rainstorm on our bikes.  It was awesome.  Alright, that's all I have time for.  Love you lots!  AMORE.

Sorella Gunnerson

my girls!

them with their dad after his baptism.

sometimes rain happens.

a day in Genova.

 a day in genova part 2

a day in genova part 3

 a day in london?

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