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09.17.14 {week 60}

Hey Family!

How's it going?  Life in Alessandria, Italia is incredible.  With two baptisms on Saturday, how could it not be?  I'll talk more about that later.  The first thing I need to write about is transfers.  Okay, so as you all know I'm an STL here in Alessandria.  So transfer calls as an STL aren't all that crazy because you know you'll be getting another really experienced missionary and that it will all just be easy, breezy, beautiful (Covergirl?).  Well...I got a phone call from President on Saturday morning and one of the first things he said to me was, "Sorella Gunnerson, are you sitting down?"  "Yes."  Cue panic attack.  "I need you to do something that's never been done in this mission before."  Yeah, I was a litle worried.  So he says, "With so many sisters going home this transfer (the biggest group of sisters that this mission has ever seen come in all at once - 17) I need you to do double duty."  Basically he went on to tell me that not only will I still be STL this transfer, but I will also be training.  ....I'll just let that sink in for a minute....  Before...tomorrow...STLs in this mission always served with other STLs.  That way, when you went on scambios it all just made sense.  Now, not only will I not be with another STL, I'll be with a little greenie!  My second baby!  I'm stoked.  It's gonna be CRAZY.  And I still have no idea how it's all going to work, but it'll be fun.  He told me that me and two other sisters will be doing this to kind of test it out and see how it works.  So, tomorrow, we're heading to Milano bright and early so that I can go pick up my new baby!  Let's hope she's not crazy!  (...Really though...)

The baptism on Saturday was AMAZING.  Okay, so our ward had this Open House set up for Saturday that we've been planning for a while.  And we had the baptism planned to start a half hour after the Open House ended.  The Open House ended up being....well I don't know if "disaster" would be the right word...  Haha, no, it wasn't a disaster.  It's just that basically no one showed up.  Like, literally, only ward members.  I think one 13-year-old boy in our ward brought two of his friends.  But that was it.  BUT the success of this Open House is that there were tons of members who stayed afterwards for the baptism.  (SIDE NOTE: You all should go to convert baptisms.  Please.  It makes such a difference.  END SIDE NOTE)  So our little sisters got baptized and it was beautiful!  S. (the younger one) just started cracking up when G. was baptized because there was a big splash and she's nine years old (fun fact - she's literally a day younger than Nora).  But they got baptized and afterwards they both bore their testimonies and it was beautiful.  Seriously, G.'s testimony was so powerful.  I was shocked.  That girl is going to serve a mission someday.  Actually, when she was confirmed the next day, in church, the prayer said that she would help her family and the people of Italy come to know of the truth.  Sorella Roth and I both looked at each other afterwards with wide eyes and Sorella Roth said, "She's gonna serve a mission in Italy."  Oh my goodness, I would cry out of sheer happiness.  I love those girls SO much.

Anyway, other than that, this week has been full of a lot of goodbyes for Sorella Roth.  We'll head to Milano tomorrow morning, separate, and she'll hang out in Milano for the day, spend the night in a hotel that night with all the other sisters, and then her Mom, sister, and aunt are coming here to pick her up.  So, Mom, just FYI, her homecoming will be October 12 at that church by the Jiffy Lube on Foothill.  She's not sure of the time yet, though.  Either 11 or 3.  I'll let you know.  And, yeah, she and I just had a good laugh about an hour ago when I logged onto my email account and found out that she and Jason dated.  I was in shock, so I just turned to her and I was like, "YOU DATED MY COUSIN."  Small world, man.  Small world.

Well I think that's about it for this week.  I'll send pictures in another email.  AMORE.  (And wish me luck!)  :)

Sorella Gunnerson

G. and S.  got baptized!

 Saturday was also the birthday of one of my favorite people in the entire world - a member here named A.  So we went that morning and heart-attacked her door.  The quality is awful because we both forgot our cameras and had to take the pictures on the phone.  And then I took a picture of the phone screen.  Va beh.  It was fun!  We also left her some of my Italy-famous brownies.  (Did y'all know that I've become somewhat well-known for my brownie making skills here?  Well now you know.)

THE DISTRICT.  :)  Love these people.  (The senior couple is the Molinaris!)

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