Wednesday, November 5, 2014

11.05.14 {week 67}

Buongiorno tutti!

What's up?  Congrats to Amy and Tommy on the new baby!  My comp is a big One Direction fan, so she LOVES the new little one's name.  ;)  You know what I just realized?  I don't know 25% of my nieces and nephews.  I'm gonna change the subject real quick before I start wallowing in self-pity.  ;)  Besides, I'll know them soon enough, right?  #gunnersonfamilyreunion2015airportedition

Oh, Happy Halloween by the way!  Or should I yell in your faces: "DOLCETTO O SCHERZETTO"?  Unfortunately, Halloween isn't really celebrated over here.  It's super American, apparently.  We were eating lunch with one of our members on Friday and she was telling me about how about ten years ago it was the night of October 31st and some kid suoned her citofono, said "dolcetto o scherzetto" and then expected candy from her.  She literally had NO idea what was going on.  So, yeah, it's a new thing here.  But we had a primary party at the church and all the little kids were dressed up and it was adorable!  Sorella D'Ambrosio and I got really creative with our costumes... Okay, all we did was switch our nametags and our glasses.  I mean, there's only so much you can do as a missionary.  Everyone thought it was funny though, so...success!

We had a really great Saturday this last weekend!  We were able to see all four of our baptismal dates!  We had really awesome lessons with them, worked out detailed ways in which they would get to church and then?  NONE of them showed up to Sacrament Meeting.  I...wanted to cry.  But I didn't.  Luckily, two of them showed up right after Sacrament Meeting.  Yay for C. and F.!  We'll get the rest of them there this week!

On Monday, we headed to Milano for Consiglio.  We dropped off Sorella D'Ambrosio in a different part of Milano to do a scambio while I was in the meeting all day.  She was with an even greenier greenie than her!  A sister who had only been here for four days.  But they seriously killed it.  Like, in the best way possible.  I was so proud of my baby!  Consiglio was probably one of my favorite consiglios I've been to so far.  At one point the Assistenti were training us on finding and how we need to be talking to everybody.  Usually at this point we would do some sort of roleplay, but instead they just passed out bus passes and they were like, "Okay, be back in 45 minutes!  Go do some finding!"  Um, it was so much fun.  And so much better than a roleplay.  And President has challenged us to read the book of Matthew before our conference with Elder Fingerle in a couple of weeks.  I love challenges like that!  I've learned so much already, and it's only been two days!  Yesterday was somewhat strange.  I did a training at our district meeting, we had lunch, did language study and then went to go visit one of our ward members.  We got to her house only to find out that her hand/wrist had just been broken.  So we walked with her in the POURING rain to the ER and stayed with her for a little bit while she got an x-ray and a cast and all that stuff.  I'm so glad Heavenly Father placed us there RIGHT when we needed to be there.  I've seen that so many times on my mission and it really is incredible.

Anyway, I hope you're all doing well!  Stay warm and eat some extra caramel apples for me!  :) AMORE.

Sorella Gunnerson

Me with Sorella Hoffman (she dies this transfer!)

The number of sister training leaders in the mission has been whittled down to seven.  Eccoci qua!

Our Halloween costumes!

Mission Leadership Council

Me with the Elders in my MTC group that are zone leaders and were, therefore, at Mission Consiglio.  The first picture made me laugh - they were all trying to indicate where I was supposed to awkwardly stand.  Right in the middle.

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