Wednesday, October 29, 2014

10.29.14 {week 66}

Hey Family!

Well, to answer your questions, no I have not been transferred.  We kind of assumed there wouldn't be any change in our companionship, seeing as training is a 12 week process and President rarely splits trainers and trainees up in the middle.  Although, the capi really did give Sorella D'Ambrosio a scare when she was on the phone with them.  I think they said something about her "new assignment."  She started sweating and freaking out a little bit.  Haha I can respect a good transfer call prank.  Anyway, so yeah, everything's just staying the same for the next six weeks.  So I'll officially be in Alessandria for my birthday! (*cough*don'tforget*cough*)

What else happened this week?  We set a surprise baptismal date on Thursday!  Do you guys remember that lady, L., that I talked about a few weeks back?  Nigerian.  Train.  Already had a Book of Mormon.  Anyway, we were finally able to see her again and she is SO legit.  We went in and explained the restoration and then we invited her to do all the things: read, pray, come to church... and we were batting 3 for 3, which was pretty good.  There were even enthusiastic head nods involved.  So Sorella D'Ambrosio went for the soft bap invite ("when you know this is true will you be baptized?" basically) and she was all over it.  So I was like, "What the heck!"  (And by that, I obviously mean I was prompted by the Spirit.)  "Will you be baptized on the sixth of December?"  She was stoked.  It was a really cool experience.  Miracles really do happen, folks.

On Friday I was in Genova on a scambio.  It was...interesting.  We've been starting to teach C. and F. the commandments.  Sometimes those can be hard to teach and be taught.  So things are a little rocky with C., the mom, right now.  F. is taking the Word of Wisdom and Tithing and all that stuff like a champ.  But we're really going to focus on helping C. build a stronger foundation so that these things will be easier for her to accept.  They didn't come to church this Sunday, which was kind of frustrating.  But mostly sad.  We still have high hopes though!  Things are strange at the C. household (as a reminder: G. and S. are our 9- and 11-year old new converts, their mom, E. is our investigator).  We showed up last night for a lesson and everyone was freaking out and walking around the neighborhood because apparently some guy had just, basically, tried to kidnap G..  I tried to play it cool because, you know, every person is a child of God, but I really just wanted to go hunt down this guy with them and give him a piece of my mind.  Finally things got settled down and the police went out looking for him and we were able to read the scriptures with them for a little bit.  Anyway, it was just a weird night.  Ever since E. set that really solid bap date, her life has been, like, crumbling all around her.  So we're going to be fasting and praying really hard for her and all of these other special people we're working with.

Anyway, that was my week!  The coming week should be great - I'll be attempting to schedule this coming transfer around scambi and two mission consiglios and a conference and a zone training.  It's gonna be a busy one!  We're excited though.  :)  Thanks for the updates you guys have been sending me.  I know it's hard to take time out of your busy lives to write me, so it really does mean a lot when you do.  Sending lots of love from Italy!  AMORE.

Sorella Gunnerson

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