Wednesday, February 12, 2014

02.12.14 {week 29}

Hey hey hey!  (Fat Albert voice.  Obviously.)

How's it going over there in the states, y'all?  (I have a really hard time saying "you" to multiple people now because of Italian - there's the "tu" form and the "voi" form.  How do you know if I'm talking to just one of you or a bunch of you?  You don't!  So "y'all" has started happening.  I'm trying to stop...)  It's a sunny day here in Torino - but still pretty cold.  Luckily I'm used to the bipolar weather, thanks to Salt Lake.

But wait!  Good news!  A. was baptized on Saturday!  Ah, it was such a beautiful baptism.  There were a couple of scary moments beforehand (like when I talked to the mom on the phone an hour and a half beforehand and she said they didn't have enough seats in the car to get their whole family there, or like when the family finally got there and we brought the dad his white pants and he was like, "where's the top part?" and we were like, "we told you to bring an extra white shirt!") but it all ended up working out and it was just lovely.  I'll send pictures in another email.  She was confirmed on Sunday and so she is officially a member of the church!  We're so happy for her and her whole family!  They're so awesome.

Random news:  We had some really good Indian food last Wednesday.  We ended P-day in centro, only to find out that there was a bus strike going on (they happen ALL the time here - and at the most inconvenient times).  So we waited for an hour and a half at a bus stop.  In the freezing rain.  With lots of cigarette smoke around us.  So that night we treated ourselves to some takeout Indian food.  CURRY, I'VE MISSED YOU.  It was so good.  Also, last P-day I bought another Italian book!  This time?  Pride and Prejudice!  I'll send a picture of my slowly-growing Italian library.  I might end up with a suitcase full of books.  I'm trying really hard not to, but I make no promises.

Anyway, not a lot else happened this week.  Remember that lady that Sorella Gross accidentally kissed?  We had the most amazing lesson with her on Monday.  We taught the Restoration and the Spirit was SO strong.  Just another testament to me of how true this gospel is.  Guys, it's just so true.  It was probably the best Restoration lesson of my mission so far.  So we've got high hopes (sing it, Frankie).  Sorry this email is short.  Love and miss you all lots!  And Happy Valentine's Day!  AMORE.  :)

Sorella Gunnerson

A's Baptism!!!

 i know i'm a nerd.  it's okay.

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