Wednesday, February 5, 2014

02.05.14 {week 28}

Hey Family!

So this is the third email I've started now.  This computer is driving me nuts.  It keeps deleting my emails while I'm writing them.  Frustration.  Anyway, in other news, it's super cold and rainy here!  Probably similar to how it is in the US.  I hear the temperatures over there have been crazy lately.  Italians love talking about anything and everything that is wrong with the world, so the weather in the US has been coming up a lot.  ;)  In fact, there's a member in our ward whom we've been trying to go see lately.  We keep scheduling appointments with her but then she calls us the morning of and says that it's raining so we can't come over.  Haha, we're still trying to figure that one out...

Bad news first:  A. did not get baptized last week.  Good news second:  A. will be getting baptized this week!  (Hopefully. never know with these things.  Keep your fingers crossed.)  We're super excited for her and her family.  They're adorable and I love them so much.  We're working with H. to get him ready for his baptism in a few weeks.  Cross your fingers for that one, too.

We had a blitz this week, so our two sister training leaders from Genova came to hang out with us for 24 hours.  It was super fun and pretty productive.   I finished the Book of Mormon again this week.  :)  So good.  And then I came across a General Conference talk by  Elder Holland - "Safety for the Soul."  I've seen it before so I vaguely remembered it.  But it is so powerful.  And it's even more powerful to watch it.  So that's your homework for this week!  Find the talk and watch it.  It's incredible.  It made me cry.

Funny story:  So in Italy you kiss people on the cheeks instead of hugging, right?  So the other day, Sorella Gross and I were talking to this lady at a bus stop.  She was super interested and just kept asking all these really great questions about the prophet and how the church is organized and all of this stuff.  So the three of us get on the bus, but we don't have a ton of time to talk before she has to get off at her stop.  (Don't worry, we got her number.)  So she's getting off and she hurries to kiss us.  But while going from one of Sorella Gross' cheeks to the other, Sorella Gross got pushed from behind and.....yeah.  It was so awful.  So she hurries and kisses my cheeks and hops off the bus.  There's a moment of silence and then I said, "Did you and that lady just kiss?"  We started laughing so hard.  I'm still laughing about it.

That night we had an FHE planned with an inactive family in our ward.  She has three sons (two of which are members) - but none of them have been to church in a long time.  So we show up at her house and this really confused-looking girl answers the door.  We clear up the miscommunication (she's the girlfriend of the 23-year-old son) and realize that the mom was called in to work and no one else in the family knew we were coming over.  But the son and the girlfriend were the only ones home and they INSISTED that we stay and have dinner with them.  So they invite us into their house and they're like, "Okay, we just have to run to the pharmacy and the grocery store and then we'll be back."  So they left us in their house while they ran to the store...yeah that was strange.  (But we found the room full of foosball trophies! (Picture attached to another email.)  But then they came back and L. made us some really yummy pasta and we all ate together and talked and it was wonderful.  Seriously one of my most favorite nights of my mission.  And then we shared a message before we left and L's eyes lit up when I mentioned temples and that we are sealed with our families for eternity.  They gave us a ride home and as we were getting out of the car I gave her a Book of Mormon.  She'll be a member someday.  I just know it.  (Also, I accidentally left my umbrella in their car which has made for a very wet couple of days BUT a reason to see them again!)

Anyway, that's how my week was.  :)  Love you all lots and can't wait to hear from you again next week!  AMORE.

Sorella Gunnerson

My district.  My sister and me!  (Sorella Condie - trained by Sorella Palumbo.)


We took a tram up to Superga today.  It was so foggy and beautiful!  Here's a view of the city from the tram.

The foosball trophies!

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