Wednesday, May 14, 2014

05.14.14 - {week 42}

Wow it was so great to see (almost) all of you this Sunday!  The time flew by WAY too quickly, but thanks for taking the time out of your Mother's Day morning to hang out with me!

So first, the question on everyone's mind.  Nope, I'm not being transferred!  We are SHOCKED.  Everyone is shocked.  So I'm staying behind and Tokarski's leaving!  Can you believe it?  That lucky girl's gettin' out of the city and heading to the beautiful coastal city of Sanremo.  Is my jealousy showing?  Darn.  We're still just so shocked.  We didn't find out until yesterday afternoon.  Luckily I hadn't really started packing yet and (not so luckily) Tokarski hadn't either.  Anyway, that's the news!  My new comp is Sorella Lawrence and she came in when Tokarski did, which means I'm bottle breaking. I've met her before and she's my age and super cool so I'm stoked.  It'll be a great transfer.  I guess I did kind of have feelings about staying in Torino for another transfer.  I thought I would be fine with it but I did end up feeling a little disappointed. But I know I'm staying for a reason!  No doubts there.  It'll be good.

M.H. got baptized on Friday!  I know I already talked about this on Sunday, but it was just fabulous.  Right after she got out of the font she looked at us and was like, "I'm really afraid of water!  I can't swim!"  Haha but she did great and she is officially a member of the church.  I love her to death.  She is so funny.  We ran into some friends of Haylee's at the baptism!  It was so crazy and holy smokes, they're awesome!

My hand is starting to cramp up because this stupid space bar is broken and I have to press it SO hard to make it do anything BUT it's all good.  Sorry this email is so short.  I'll try to make up for it through a whole bunch of pictures!  AMORE.

Sorella Gunnerson

So basically I took a ton of pictures this week because I thought I was leaving and I'm not, but now you can know what people look like!

Me with M.

Us with E.

Some pretty appropriate grafiti ;)

Pre-baptism gelato.

Artsy and normal.  M.H.'s baptism!

The peeps.  (Little O. got baptized as well!)

Me with the D. family

Me with F.

Me with little I.  Oh my goodness I love this girl.  I help her with her piano skills and she makes me cry when she bears her testimony in church and says she wants to be a missionary someday.  Fair trade?

Us with R. and I.

Me with my Italian grandma - G.!

Us with K.  We teach her English and try to get her baptized in the meantime.  Love her!

Me with the G. family

Our view today from the castle in Rivoli.  Beautiful Torino!

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