Wednesday, May 7, 2014

05.07.14 - {week 41}

The Weather:  Sometimes there is so much cotton in the air that it looks like snow.  And it builds up on the ground like snow.  But I know it's not snow because it feels really pleasant outside and my comp is just constantly sneezing.

The Baptism:  Yes, it's true.  M.H. will be baptized this Friday night!  After a whole ton of questions as to what our real ward boundaries are, (I guess our stake decided not to follow the ward boundaries that are on that I had printed off a couple of months ago, so she won't be baptized into the Torino 2 ward, but instead into the Torino 1 ward [our coppia has to teach all single females in the Torino 1 ward boundaries anyway, so it made no difference for us]) we finally got it worked out and, after working with the Anziani in Torino 1, she'll be baptized this week!  (How's that for a long sentence?)  We are seriously so excited.  And so is she!  And it's really for the best that she's going to that ward instead of ours.  There are way more young single adults there and there are a ton who are return missionaries and speak English almost perfectly.  We went up to their church building right after our church on Sunday and she just looked so happy to be there.  It was perfect.  I love M.H. so much.  I'll be sure to send pictures next week.

The Transfer:  Well, I'll probably be leaving Torino next week.  I've been here for three transfers, I've trained my baby, and I think it's time to head out.  I was really unsure the past couple of weeks as to whether I was staying or going.  When I left Milano I really felt like it was my time to go, so I wasn't surprised when I got that phone call.  So anyway, I was really unsure as to what was going to happen next week...UNTIL I was talking to Pagano on the phone on Sunday night and we were talking about how excited we are for this investigator of theirs to get baptized in two weeks and I was like, "Yeah, I hope I'm gonna be here for it!"  And Pagano (the Elder in our ward, but also one of our capi zona) was like, "Yeaah, I don't think you're gonna be here..."  Of course I was like, "ANZIANO what do you know?"  And he was like, "I don't know anything, but even if I did, I couldn't tell you!"  So whatever, I brushed it off because he was probably just making stuff up...UNTIL the next morning at the end of our epic zone training.  We finish it up, sing, pray, yada yada, and right after the prayer, Anziano Christiansen (the other capi zona) gets up and says, "Wait, everyone sit back down, I really felt during the prayer that we needed to have three of the missionaries bear their testimonies."  So he calls up two other Anziani and ME.  The other Anziani have both been in Torino for 4 transfers, so it's pretty much a sure thing that they're leaving.  But ME?  I basically considered it a nail in my Torino-made coffin.  But that's okay.  At least now I have more time to pack and Sorella Tokarski and I have enough time to take way too many selfies.  And I have enough time to say goodbye to all of these people I love!

THE TESTIMONY:  I love this gospel with all my heart.  It's true.  Basta.  :)


Sorella Gunnerson

homemade pizza (saturday)

the mole (today)

the district (monday)

the sisters in the zone (monday)

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