Wednesday, July 2, 2014

07.02.14 {week 49}

So sorry!  No time to write!
Alessandria is AWESOME.  I love it here.  It's one of the cities in the entire mission with the highest numbers and highest expectations, so there's a lot of pressure, but I love it so far.  We have six baptismal dates set up for this transfer already and we're working on just helping these dear people get to the font.  :)  Actually, E. got baptized on Sunday, so that was neat to experience that my first Sunday here.  And I., I had a lesson with her that day I did a scambio here, so I already knew her before I even transferred here, which is pretty cool.
My companion is Sorella Hoffman.  She is (just barely) 20 and from Texas.  She is a firecracker.  Haha she is a hard-worker and an incredible missionary.  I've already learned so much from her.  This is her fifth transfer here in Alessandria, but only her second transfer as STL since this coppia of capi sorelle was only opened up here one transfer ago.  So she basically got only one transfer of being trained as an STL and now is training me!  And she's only a transfer ahead of me.  So, not only are we the youngest STLs in the mission (in mission age), we're also the least-experienced.  So it has already been an adventure!  We'll have our first scambio tomorrow.  I'm actually really nervous to be the "leader" this time around.  But it'll be great.  I'll be heading to Vercelli tomorrow to be with Sorella Jones for the scambio.  And then Friday will be our mission council in Milano with all of the STLs, zone leaders, and President.  Happy 4th of July!  I'm excited.
We've been thinking/talking a lot this week about "visions."  About what people believe they can do and then having the strength and the courage to do it.  We're over the sisters in the Torino zone (even though we're technically in the Alessandira zone), which is super strange for me.  So we collect their numbers and basically just have stewardship over them.  One of the coppias is having a hard time - not getting along (they get along great), but just teaching lessons and finding investigators and stuff.  And I'm really close to them.  This week I've kind of been feeling like I'm TOO close to the situation.  I was just there serving with them!  But I know that that's probably one of the big reasons I'm here, because I know these sisters and I know these cities and I can help.  Anyway, there's a lot on our plate, but the week has just flown by and I seriously do love this city.  Also, I'm buying a bike when I get home (unless I lose a limb before I return...).  I LOVE BIKES.
Thanks for the love and support.  Love you guys more than you even know!  Vi voglio bene!
Sorella Gunnerson

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