Wednesday, August 20, 2014

08.20.14 {week 56}

Hey Family!
Sorry, I have zero time to write.  It's been a good week!  We've seen tons and tons of miracles (which is a big deal because I've dreaded August my entire mission).  It's been incredible.  That family with the two daughters are still on vacation but a little birdie (their dad) told us that they should be coming home tonight, so we'll hopefully see them soon.  I've missed them a lot!  Can't wait to see them and start teaching them again!  We've also found quite a few new investigators this week.  There's this one lady named L. who had a baptismal date about five months ago (way before I got here) and then she had a bad dream and decided that it meant she wasn't supposed to get baptized, like, a week before her baptism.  (Have I ever told you guys that Italians are SUPER superstitious?  Sometimes it drives me nuts.)  Anyway, she found one of our pass-along cards on the ground about a week and a half ago and took THAT as a sign and we're teaching her again.  She even came to church on Sunday.  So that's pretty cool.  Let's hope no black cats cross her path or anything.  Anyway, we've been seeing so many miracles and have so many people to set baptismal dates with.  It's going to be an incredible week.  Have I told you guys how awesome my comp is??  Sorella Roth and I are basically the same person.  She's awesome.  I forgot that getting along with your companion can be really easy sometimes...  We went to a Catholic funeral on Monday so that was....really depressing.  A lady in our ward's mother died, and she is an ex-investigator of the sisters here.  But yeah, it was just really sad and dark.  Guys, the church is true.  Sorry this email is super short.  I love you all a lot.  And I'm really just...happy here!  Busy and exhausted, but so happy!  (Also, the two hour nap I took this afternoon definitely helped.)  Anyway, have a great week!  AMORE.

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