Wednesday, March 5, 2014

03.05.14 {week 32}

Oh my goodness, it sounds like it was an eventful week back at home!  Congrats to Keith and Heather - words can't express how excited and happy I am for the two of you.  Just wish I could have been there!  But I'm so SO happy.  And then Bethany's birthday and skiing and separated shoulders and baby showers and laser tag and homemade cakes!  Wow.  What a weekend.  Ours was a little less exciting...

So our week started off with a baptism!  H. got baptized and it was amazing!  Right after he was baptized and came back in the room he got up and bore his testimony.  The Spirit was so strong.  It was awesome.  And then he started thanking all of the sisters who have taught him and he was looking straight at me and I just got all teary-eyed.  It was so great.  He is so awesome.  And then he gave us a referral on Sunday.  He's already doing missionary work!  BUT he's not technically a member yet.  Yeah.  He came to church late on Sunday, unfortunately.  So the confirmation didn't happen.  But we talked to him after and he just kept apologizing profusely and he was like, "I'm going to be SO early next week!"  Poor guy.  So we're crossing our fingers!

Nothing else major happened this week.  We made a bomb lasagna on Sunday, so watch out for my lasagna-making skills when I get home.  Also I had the saltiest salad of my life on Monday night.  I literally was worried I was having an allergic reaction to something because the top of my mouth started itching.  Nope.  No allergic reaction.  Just a salty salad.  That was an interesting night all in all.  I don't have time to tell the full story.  Just some keywords: cacti, harpoon, see-through bathroom door, clown puzzle on wall, colored spotlights in family room, dog that wanted to kill me.

We went to a new missionary training yesterday.  It was really great!  A little stress-inducing for me, but really good!  There was a quote President read us by Elder Ballard: "The most important leadership position in the mission BY FAR is to be a trainer.  No pressure, Sorella Gunnerson."  Okay, I added that last part, but that's just mainly how I felt.  My verdina is awesome.  The language is hard for her, but that's normal and she's a great missionary.  I'm glad we're together.  I'll have to send pictures.  Anyway, sorry that's all I've got time to write.  Love and miss you all!  AMORE.

Sorella Gunnerson

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