Wednesday, March 19, 2014

03.19.14 {week 34}

It's spring in Torino!  Seriously the weather this week has been so sunny and just perfectly warm.  You know, not too hot, not too cold.  It makes going outside every day that much easier.  First off, we had a zone conference this Monday and you know what that means?  MAIL.  Yes, mom, I finally got the valentines package and THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH.  I was so surprised by all the notes inside!  They made me laugh....and cry a little bit....but only in the good way.  I'm just so grateful for all the people in my life.  You're all just great.  So thank you.  :)

This week was a little less productive than usual.  Sorella Tokarski has been having some major back issues.  She had them before the mission, due to a couple of car accidents and stuff, and it's just been progressively getting worse since the beginning of her mission.  So on Sunday we basically just went to church and then she just had to lie down for the rest of the day.  Same with Monday night when we got back from the conference.  It's been challenging.  On the work, of course.  But I know it's just really frustrating for her to not be able to do anything.  So we're not quite sure what to do at this point.  But yesterday we were able to go out and work (she just tried to work through the pain) and it was such a good day!  

We saw one of our inactive members (whose little kids need to get baptized SO bad - but she won't take them to church) and finally made some headway with her.  This was the first time we've seen her without her kids which made so much of a difference.  She was actually able to focus and concentrate.  Her dad passed away a few weeks ago and her mom has been having a hard time with it, so we gave her a plan of salvation pamphlet and she said she's going to talk to her mom about it.  That was a miracle.  And then we've been seeing this girl, K., who we've really mainly been teaching English to, but we throw little gospel messages in there because, you know, we're missionaries.  We do that.  She started asking us more questions yesterday after the lesson and we ended up finding out that she and F. grew up together!  But she didn't know she came to this church building.  Oh my goodness, I freaked out.  So she already has a friend in the ward and it's just perfect.  She's gonna get baptized.  Someday.  And then last night we had dinner with one of my favorite families of all time - the C's.  Sorella C. is less-active and she has three sons.  The middle son is about my age and has this girlfriend - L.  Not sure if I've talked about her before but she is just so ready for the gospel.  Whenever we read scriptures with them, right after, before even asking a question, she just goes into this long explanation of what it means.  We want to start actually teaching her the lessons.  We're trying to figure out the best way to go about that right now.  But they are just awesome.  Anyway, yesterday was such a good day.  It's been a good (although sometimes slow) week!

Our conference on Monday was amazing.  We were asked to deeply study the first thirteen chapters of 1 Nephi before the conference and then for the first hour and a half, President just went in depth with them and it was incredible.  I absolutely loved it.  It just made me have an even deeper love for the scriptures and for these people who risked their lives and everything they had to follow the Lord.  I also got to see Sorella Carlock and Sorella Harward!  Best day ever.  Sorella Harward dies this transfer, so I was able to hear her dying testimony.  She is one of the most incredible missionaries I know here.  I'm sad we never got to serve together, but I'm so glad we became such good friends.

Anyway, it's been a good week.  Yes, we made the pizza and it was INCREDIBLE.  With roasted bell peppers on top.  Mamma mia, I'm salivating.  We also made homemade tortillas this week.  So that was exciting.  This week will be a little less exciting EXCEPT we're gonna make some tiramisu.  With strawberries.  Still salivating.  Alright, ciao.  AMORE.

Sorella Gunnerson

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