Wednesday, March 12, 2014

03.12.14 {week 33}

Hey Family!
How is everyone?  I feel like nothing happened this week because it went by SO quickly.  Seriously trying to rack my brain here...  This email might end up being super short.  Va bene. 
Well H. got confirmed this Sunday, so that's good news!  It was so awesome.  He was glowing all day long.  I'm so proud of and happy for him.  We met with F. FINALLY this last weekend.  I was kind of worried she had died because I couldn't get hold of her for two and a half weeks.  We even passed by her house and nothing.  Anyway, we got to see her on Saturday and I just adore that girl.  We talked a lot about the temple because there's a youth trip to the Switzerland temple at the end of April and since she's the first member of her family she has SO MUCH work she can do in the temple!  And she is so stoked about it.  Man, I wish I could just go with her to the temple.  Guys, I miss the temple a ridiculous amount.  I never thought I would miss it as much as I do.  Just go to the temple as much as you possibly can, okay?  Do it for me!  ;)  Anyway, she has a goal of taking at least ten family names to the temple in April.  So we're gonna help her do it!  I'm so excited for her and for all of her ancestors who jumped for joy in the spirit world when she was baptized.  Temples.  Best things ever.  Also, the temple is one of the first things I'm doing when I get home.  That and a massage.  And Lonestar tacos.  Basically I already have my first weekend home all planned out.  ANYWAY.  Those were the two big things that happened this week. 
We went to a park by our house on Monday to find some of the elect and it was frustrating.  I don't know, sometimes I feel discouraged.  We try talking to people and they just don't want to hear anything we have to say.  But everyone has their free agency.  And I try not to get too down.  I especially try to be positive for Sorella Tokarski's sake.  I just love her so much.  She makes me laugh constantly.  Gosh, I have really lucked out in the companion department.  That just makes me more nervous for my future comps!  Haha.  Seriously though, she has handled the first half of her first transfer so well.  I was a mess for my entire first transfer! 
But we're just workin' away!  Doing the best we can to build up the kingdom here in Torino, the creepiest city of all time.  ;)  Oh and we got an incredible homemade pizza recipe, so we're making it this week and I'm SO excited.  I'll let you know how it goes.
We've done some stuff the last couple of P-days that I've forgotten to tell you about!  Last P-day we got together with Jackman and Condie and rode the elevator to the top of the Mole.  SO COOL.  I wish it had been a little bit clearer to see the Alps better, but it was awesome, nonetheless.  And then today we went to the Gran Madre di Dio and then hiked a hill and found a really cool, old villa.  Anyway, I'm really gonna send pictures today!  Alright, AMORE.
Sorella Gunnerson
(P.S. FAMILY:  You all should just skip the whole regular Christmas trip and come to Utah when I come home at the end of January instead!  We can celebrate Christmas in January!  It will be great!  Think about it.)

Gross, F. and me on Gross' last night here.

Tokarski and me on our first P-day together!



Tokarski and me on the top of the Mole!

p-day last week and this week.  love these girls!

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