Wednesday, March 26, 2014

03.26.14 {week 35}

Ciao guys.
It's been a pretty normal week here in Torino.  Nothing too exciting to report.

We had a scambio from Friday to Saturday.  It was so great!  I was with Sorella McCann and I seriously just adore her.  Tokarski got to go to Genova for the scambio, and then on Saturday, McCann and I took a two hour train ride to Genova to make the switch again.  Genova is so pretty!  Granted, they live in a pretty ghetto part of town.  But I got to see the sea!  It was beautiful!  And then it started raining super hard.  And I seriously just love the rain.  And then we literally just ran all around Genova trying to get back to the station so that we could take the train on time to get back for a baptism they had in Torino 1 (that I sang at).  It was a crazy day.  But so much fun.  During the scambio with McCann, we were able to go see M. (the incredibly golden investigator whose home is actually in Calabria - so she's leaving us officially in a week and a half), an inactive family that the Anziani found (from the Phillipines - she just had a baby and had a really rough time with the delivery.  she just started crying as i was saying the opening prayer.  we're working on getting them to come back), and the P's (A. wasn't there, but all four of her other siblings were - but they're moving to Novara this week).  Seriously everyone is moving.  It's driving me nuts.  But even though some leave, we're finding others in the meantime.  We were able to meet with a couple of new investigators this last week and we'll be seeing another one tonight.

So the work is progressing.  Sometimes slower than we would like, but it's all good.  We're really trying to get the members in our ward to work with us.  It's kind of like pulling teeth here in Torino sometimes, but it's all good.  I know I wasn't a member missionary at all before the mission, so I get where a lot of them are coming from.  It can be scary to talk to friends or family members about the gospel.  But it's so worth it.  And if they're not interested, va bene, but it's important to at least open your mouth and give them the opportunity to choose.  Free agency, you know?  That's what it's all about.  And when I'm having a hard time opening my mouth, D&C 33 is always there to help me open it again.

Anyway, that's what's going on around here!  We find out about transfers in less than a week - obviously Tokarski and I are staying put.  I seriously can't believe that It's already been a transfer since I got my baby!  Time flies.  Thanks, as always, for the love and support.  I'm trying to reciprocate it as much as possible.  :)  AMORE.

Sorella Gunnerson

we played with these lovely ladies today.  mamma mia, i love them.

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