Wednesday, April 30, 2014

04.30.14 {week 40}

Is it springtime in Utah?  We've had some rain the past week, which I have LOVED.  Last night I just walked to the bus stop in the rain, senza umbrella, senza coat.  It was wonderful.  It hasn't been too cold.  And we've had some incredible lightning/thunderstorms.  I love it!!
So remember how I talked last week about this V. lady?  Well we have English class every Wednesday night, so we got to see her last week basically right after I wrote my family email and she was just so sad.  She was talking to us afterwards and she just had tears in her eyes.  She kept saying that she knows that this is true because there are so many things in common with our church and her beliefs.  So we talked to her more about the Plan of Salvation, I gave her a pamphlet, and we explained to her that she can still keep learning from us even if we're not technically having lessons (for now).  She just looked so relieved.  It's gonna work out.  Somehow.  I just know it.
Good news! M.H. came to church on Sunday!  She doesn't speak or understand a lick of Italian, so I had to translate for her, but she was just so cute.  And afterwards, quite a few people talked to her!  And some even surprised me and spoke to her in English!  I was just so thankful for those members who noticed that there was someone new and made the effort to make her feel welcome.  I seriously left the church teary-eyed because I was so happy.  I had no idea how important that was until I became a missionary.  It's so important that the investigators feel welcome at church.  So, if you see someone new at church, please welcome them!!!  Anyway, let me just step off of this soap box real quick...
We went to see one of our investigators on Friday -M.  She's from Nigeria and her husband is a member but there's this whole complicated marriage/divorce situation that makes it impossible for her to be baptized right now.  But she comes to church every week and she's funny.  So sassy.  And they have the most adorable little one and a half year old - V.  Anyway, we went to go see her and her husband, R., just so happened to be home and he's just so awesome.  He invited us to stay for lunch!  I'm not gonna lie, I still have ZERO idea what I ate.  It was beans with some sort of chicken?  Maybe fish?  Parts of shrimp?  Sometimes it was soft.  Sometimes it was crunchy.  The whole time it was confusing.  But we know they're having a really hard time financially right now, so we were so touched that they were willing to make us food.  Also, SO SPICY.  Sorella Tokarski and I just HAD to buy gelato afterward - to cleanse the palate.  So after the meal, we shared a message with them and then R. just got really emotional and was like, "We didn't know we were going to have a family lunch like this today.  I am just so delighted."  I just love these people so much.  I go from one city to another thinking there's no way my heart will get any bigger...and then it does!
We had a scambio on Monday and Tuesday.  It was a lot of fun and I learned a ton!  This time I went to Genova with Sorella McCann and her comp (Sorella Ball) came to Torino with Tokarski. Genova is a good two hours away by train (holy cow, most beautiful train ride of all time - I can't even descrive it), so Tokarski and I were supposed to go to Genova and meet up with them on Monday afternoon, and then they were going to head back to Torino and....blah blah blah it's kind of complicated.  Point is, they ended up being in a middle of a lesson when we got there and so they got to the train station late and missed the return train, so we all ended up being together on Monday night.  It was so fun.  It reminded me of those glorious days of my first transfer - living in four.  And I got a haircut from Sorella Ball!  Meno male.  That was much needed.
To answer Mom's many questions:  I've only sung at a couple of baptisms.  At one, one of the Anziani played for me and I just sang I Know that My Redeemer Lives (in Italian, obviously).  And then at another one, Sorella Tokarski played for me and I sang "Come Thou Fount."  Sorella Tokarski is actually an incredible song-writer.  So about a month and a half ago, she and I sang a song she wrote for a zone conference.  She is SO good.  Have I never told you that we don't eat dinner in this mission?  Yeah.  President told us that our first day here.  There's just no time for it.  So we eat a big lunch and then usually a snack after nightly planning.  I could probably count on one hand the number of times I've been invited to a member's house for dinner.  That is a rarity here.    We haven't heard from Fiona for a couple of weeks.  :(  I think that's it!
Anyway, that's about all I have time for, but thanks for the love and the emails!  And the packages, mom and dad!  You're the best!  AMORE.
Sorella Gunnerson

Easter picture!
Random P-day picture!

 Scambio pic.

Another lovely scambio with the lovely Sorella McCann.
Matching sweatshirts we just HAD to buy.

Half-way day!  (Took a 15 minute nap at lunchtime and woke up to this!  I was super groggy at first and didn't even notice this on the ground until Tokarski told me.  And then she gave me a plate of nutella, bananas, and strawberries.  This girl gets me.) MOM's note - mese means month

Today's gelato picture.  :)

I got the packages!!!

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