Wednesday, October 8, 2014

10.08.14 {week 63}

Yay!  I love news about babies being born!  Glad to hear all went well with the delivery and that little Ethan is already stealing hearts.  Can't wait to meet him!

It's been a really great week!  Last Thursday we went to Milano so that I could go to Mission Consiglio.  It was fun and we learned a TON.  I always feel equal parts pumped and guilty after leaving those things.  Because I realize how much better I could/should be doing, but I'm also excited to get started.  

Saturday was a day of MIRACLES.  We had only tentative plans set up in Acqui - a little paesino, like, 30 minutes in train - we hadn't received confirmations with anyone we were wanting to see there, but we felt like we should just go anyway.  And it ended up being for two really great reasons!  On the way there, we talked to this awesome lady named P.  I told her all about the restoration and she was really interested and wants us to bring her a Book of Mormon.  So that was miracle #1.  Then we got to Acqui, and got a whole bunch of no-shows.  So we went back to the train station to head back to Alessandria in time to watch Conference and while waiting for the train, I started talking to this lady from Africa with this huge American flag on her hat.  It was blingin.  Miracle #2.  She loves Americans and loves speaking English, so we hit it off really well.  Then we got on the train and sat by her and finally were able to start talking about the gospel.  (Sorella D'Ambrosio was in English-speaking heaven!)  We start going off about prophets and Christ and the First Vision and I pull out my Book of Mormon to start talking about it and she was like, "Wait!  I have that book!"  Turns out she had bought in Africa, like, 3 years ago.  She moved to Italy a year ago for school (she's 26) and brought it with her because she said she always keeps it with her Bible because she knows it's an important book.  But she's never opened it.  So we're going to go teach her more about it this Saturday.  It was an awesome experience and reminded us that Heavenly Father really is constantly placing prepared people in our path.  

Then we headed to the church to watch the Womens broadcast.  And for the last half hour, two of our investigators showed up, ended up staying also for most of the Saturday morning session and THEN came back the next night to watch some more.  We were shocked and so happy!  And, mamma mia, wasn't conference INCREDIBLE?  Well, what I heard of it anyway.  We downloaded the audio of all the talks so that we can listen to them at home during lunch and in the morning and stuff.  I'm really excited.  I feel like I was less focused this time around because we were always going in and out of the room, welcoming people, saying goodbye to people, watching half in English, half in Italian, and missing the entire Sunday afternoon session all together.  I was really touched by Elder Holland's talk though.  That has been one of my favorite one-liners from the Book of Mormon for a while now..."For behold, are we not all beggars?"  I also really loved Elder Oaks' talk, when he talked about not only having patience, but being kind at the same time.  It seems to me that patience without kindness is just waiting.  Anyway, it was great.  I got kind of sad when I realized this would be my last General Conference on the mission.  General Conference is just different as a missionary.  I can't really explain it.  But hopefully next General Conference I'll be able to go to one of the sessions and maybe that will start to make up for the dull pain that I'll no longer be a missionary anymore.  Eh, we'll see.

Anyway, it's been a great P-day.  Sorella D'Ambrosio and I were up late last night murdering our house full of insects.  It's fine.  At least we're able to laugh about it.  But, we're both a little tired today.  We're heading down to beautiful Savona in about an hour to spend the day tomorrow with the sisters there.  I'm so excited.  It's going to be an awesome scambio.    Alright, love you all lots.  Have a great week!  AMORE.

Sorella Gunnerson

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