Wednesday, October 15, 2014

10.15.14 {week 64}

Well hey there, family!

It's been a crazy, but great week.  This week included: flash floods, a trip to Savona, hail, gelato (lots of gelato), orzo (it's a drink here that substitutes coffee.  my comp and i are addicted...not really, but really...), watching a sorella in her second transfer (my dear Sorella Palmer) teach like a boss, watching a sorella in her first transfer (my dear Sorella D'Ambrosio) become an incredible missionary, bike rides in the rain, Sorella D'Ambrosio's first fall on the bike, a man pulling over to make sure she was okay after seeing the fall, watching Italian women come to the aid of D'Ambrosio's skinned knee with all sorts of powders and liquids (still don't know what in the world they were putting on her open wound), lots of pizza, lots of pasta, lots of salami (another addiction we have...), cockroaches (yeah our apartment is just keepin' it classy), teaching one of the best lessons I've ever been a part of on the plan of salvation, making fake cigarettes with scriptures inside instead of tobacco for one of our investigators, a breakfast at the Molinaris this morning (the senior couple that dies next week - I love them to death), and then going "shopping" in their pantry, and so much more.  Sorry for the run-on sentence.  English is no longer my forte.  ;)

Love you all lots and I hope you have a great week!  AMORE.

Sorella Gunnerson

Me and Baby #1

When one tag just isn't enough...

On the scambio in Savona, I found my home! was good...

Our night in beautiful Savona!

Look what I found on a random wall in Acqui Terme.

Sometimes when we go to teach G and S, S insists on doing my hair...

Random church in Alessandria.

My favorite corner in Alessandria.

My favorite corner, Part 2

 My favorite corner, Part 3

When one cross just isn't enough...

With views like this, I may never come home..

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