Wednesday, October 22, 2014

10.22.14 {week 65}

Buongiorno Family!

Welcome to fifth week!  Fifth week is every trainer's favorite week because it's when the baby gets to practice being senior comp for a week.  It's seriously the best.  And Sorella D'Ambrosio is killing it (in a good way).  I guess the biggest change she's noticed is just like...making sure there's stuff to do every day - making appointments with people and stuff.  The other day she was like, "So....when do you call people and set things up?  We always just sit down to do nightly planning and you just tell me what we're doing..."  So I think her eyes are starting to open a bit.  But she's seriously doing an awesome job.  She's answering the phone and starting and ending lessons and all that fun stuff.  She's awesome.

What else has happened this week?  Well we had the great privilege of having the San Remo sorelle come hang out with us on Friday.  Can I just tell you guys how much I ADORE both of these girls I've trained/I'm training?  I'm so lucky.  They got to do the scambio together and I just loved seeing Tokarski take little D'Ambrosio under her wing and truly act like her big sister.  It was awesome.  And I got to do the scambio with Sorella Hibo.  She's from Africa, but moved to Italy when she was, like, five.  So is obviously perfect in the language and is seriously an incredible missionary.  Also, when she speaks (perfect) English, she has the most adorable British accent.  I love it.  Anyway, I learned a ton and we saw all sorts of miracles.  And then that night we all just went to the Molinari's "surprise" party.  They're officially gone and we're all just pretty sad about it...  But the farewell party was really sweet.  I translated all the nice things everyone said about them (they never really got the language down while they were here...) and then we ate a lot and partied like Italians.  Then we went home and the next morning the San Remo sisters left us.  But during this scambio, there was a definite scambio/greenie magic miracle.  Sorella D'Ambrosio set bap dates with two of our progressing investigators.  So, right now we have three really promising bap dates for the month of November.  Pray for them, would you?  Please and thank you.  :)

That's about all that's happening here!  We'll be getting transfer news this Saturday, but we're 99.9% sure that we'll be sticking around here together, seeing as I'm training and all.  Next transfer will be the really interesting one.  Everyone's trying to predict what will happen with us - there are just too many variables.  So we'll see!  Anyway, love you all lots and miss you tons.  AMORE.

Sorella Gunnerson

At the Molinari's surprise party that the ward threw for them.  They're officially gone!  It is so sad and everyone is heartbroken.

We stole one of E.'s cigarette packs to make fake cigarettes with scriptures in them.  Good times.

Me and my baby girls.

Me and Sorella Hibo!  (Sorella Tokarski's current comp who I did the scambio with.)

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