Friday, December 5, 2014

12.05.14 {week 71}

Hello Family!

I hope you all had a wonderful Giorno del Ringraziamento!  People don't really know what that is here, but I'm sure it was awesome in America.  We celebrated the day after by making the most incredible garlic mashed potatoes I've ever tasted.  (Or they might have just been so good because I literally haven't had mashed potatoes in a year and a half...)  And we made lots of turkey/gratitude hands with people.  It was fun.  :)

This week has been CRAZY.  And I have to apologize that I totally ditched you guys yesterday.  Our P-Day was supposed to be Thursday but then there were scambio complications and we had to switch it to today.  Between Monday morning and Thursday night, we did three scambi.  Haha, it was seriously crazy.  It wasn't supposed to work out like that, but with lots of flooding down in Genova and just the busy-ness of this transfer, that's how it worked!  It was so much fun though and I just love all these sisters that I get to hang out with and be companions with for a day!  I always learn so much and want to be a better missionary because of them.  On Monday I had a scambio here in Alessandria with Sorella McPeek.  She and I go way back to my second and third transfers in Milano.  She's a transfer behind me and was trained by my lovely friend, Sorella Harward.  So we would hang out on P-Days all the time.  It was so fun to do missionary work with her!  On Tuesday I was here in Alessandria with Sorella Stott - she was trained by another dear friend from my Milano days - Sorella Carlock!  Holy smokes, this girl is an incredible missionary.  I learned so much from her - especially about the importance of being obedient and respecting the rules - even if/when we don't understand them. And then on Wednesday morning we had a zone training here in Alessandria.  It was also kind of our Christmas conference.  For the last hour, they had an Italian dessert for us and we got to hear a couple of musical numbers and then sing some Christmas carols together.  It was really nice.  And then we ran to catch a train to San Remo!  We blitzed that city with the sisters from Wednesday afternoon to Thursday afternoon and then we finally were able to come back to Alessandria and be normal and together again.  I love my dear Sorella D'Ambrosio!  

But, guess what happens tomorrow??  Transfer calls!  There are a lot of possibilities for this transfer, so we really have NO CLUE as to what is going to happen.  We're pretty sure I'll either be training again or finishing training another sister whose trainer is going home next week.  Who knows?  But I'll be sure to give you the big news next Wednesday!  Thanks for all the love and support and especially the lovely birthday messages.  AMORE.

Sorella Gunnerson

Luck is on our side and we've acquired some PUMPKIN (also real baking powder and baking soda, crisco, american flour, and a bag of real, live chocolate chips.....the things you take for granted in the states....).  Guys, this is a big deal.  We spent part of our P-day making pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.  We are happy campers at our house today.

Scambio on Monday with Sorella McPeek!


Scambio on Tuesday with Sorella Stott!

In beautiful San Remo!

This is what I call a gelato sandwich.  :)

Making arancini while in San Remo on a blitz.  SO YUMMY.  Get excited to eat them.

Me and Sorella D with the San Remo apartment view.  Not bad, eh?

Blitz in San Remo with Sorelle Hibo and Hogan!  :)

Our view on the train ride home from San Remo.

Our dinner on the train ride home from San Remo.

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