Wednesday, December 17, 2014

12.17.14 {week 73}


Well, here I am in the lovely city of Prato!  Where to begin?  I guess where I left off.

On Wednesday night, Sorella D'Ambrosio and I went to visit with a few more people before we left.  First stop was the L. Family.  Then we went to see the C. Family.  Man, that was a really hard goodbye.  I love that family SO much.  They are seriously so special to me and I just didn't want to have to leave them.  Little S. said the closing prayer and asked Heavenly Father to make the trains not work the next morning.  Haha.  I miss those girls so much already.  Then we were able to go be with my dear, dear friend A.  I just love her so much.  But at least I'll be heading home relatively soon and there's skype and stuff.  (Meno male!)  That night we stayed up wayyyy too late trying to finish getting everything done - packing, organizing, writing information.  Just everything.  And then we got up the next morning and got on our way.  

Luckily two of our Anziani also had to head to Milano on Thursday morning and they offered to help us get our bags there.  Oh my goodness, I literally have no idea what we would have done without their help.  Haha it would have taken us HOURS.  This is why sisters just should not be white-washed.  We both have too much stuff!  I'll send pictures in a few minutes of the journey.  We were a sight to behold.  We got to Milano and quickly headed to Milano Cimiano.  We got to the parking lot and I got the first look at my NEEEW CARRRR!  And then we watched as they tried to stuff all six of our suitcases into it.  It was pretty funny.  Then I went with Anziano Harmer to the gas station so that he could show me how it's done here in Italia.  (I still wasn't allowed to drive yet because I still needed to be trained.)  Anyway, we headed back to the church and I was finally trained.  Then I headed out to the car and had to move the car so that the Dibbs could get there car out.  YEAH.  I had to back into a parking spot in front of the APs, Anziano Harmer, and President Dibb.  I think I might have been freaking out a little bit.  But they were all just laughing and I'm pretty sure they got lots of pictures.  Then President Dibb gave me a lot of pointers about how to get out to the freeway, how to turn on the lights, and all that good stuff.  I'm so glad that day is over!  Haha.  The Cimiano church is also where all the new trainers and trainees go to be placed together on their first day.  So we were there while all of that was happening and therefore I got to meet my granddaughter!  I don't think I mentioned this last week, but Sorella Tokarski is training this transfer!  So I got a picture with them, we ate lunch, and then we headed on our way!  Driving in Italy is basically the same as driving anywhere else, except for the lanes are miniscule, the parking spots are miniscule and there are a million one-way streets.  So Sorella D'Ambrosio and I drove a good three hours to Bologna.  And then we just cried a lot when I dropped her off and picked up my new comp.  I miss her a ton.

Anyway, ever since Thursday night, we've just been here in Prato (and Pistoia) trying to meet with people and get to know the city.  They have two baptismal dates set, but I still haven't met either one of them yet...  Anyway, the work has been a little slow.  I think Sorella Gregg is just trying to find her bearings as the companion who knows the people and the city the most.  And I'm just trying to learn as quickly as possible!  Oh, funny story.  On Saturday night we had a ward Christmas party.  SOMEHOW I got roped into being MARY for the Nativity skit.  Hahahaha it was awful.  And I was reminded of how horrible of an actress I am.  Anyway, I feel like I have so much more to talk about, but no time!  We're heading to Florence in a few minutes!  Hopefully I'll be seeing the David today!  :)  Anyway, love you all lots.    AMORE.

Sorella Gunnerson


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