Wednesday, April 9, 2014

04.09.14 {week 37}

You know, sometimes lice happens.
Yep, lice struck the Gunski household on Monday morning.  Well, we actually don't know when it struck.  Tokarski just found lice in her hair on Monday morning.  So that's been fun!  We were getting ready to go to a zone training and all of a sudden outside of my bathroom I hear a "Sorel, don't freak out okay?"  She had been showering and found a few as she was washing her hair.  So I refused to panic and we called the mission nurse (who was only slightly helpful - telling us what we needed to go buy but telling us that it probably wasn't lice and we should just go on with our normal lives...).  We went to the pharmacy and got the lice stuff.  Went home and put the worst-smelling gel of all time in our hair.  And then some special shampoo.  As she was rinsing her hair out there were just...more bugs.  All the time.  Just more of them.  And different sizes, too, which was a little nerve-racking.  I still wasn't finding any in mine, but we hadn't done an in-depth search yet.  So we basically just cancelled all of our plans for the day and did a million loads of laundry and tried to sanitize our massive apartment.  Sorella Tokarski started having a slight panic attack, worrying that there were eggs in her hair, so I....went on an egg hunt.  (Happy Easter!)  I don't think you want me to divulge the number I found.  It was pretty awful.  She checked me and found nothing.  Thank goodness.  I checked her again on Tuesday morning and there were still lots of eggs and we still had a ton of laundry to do, so we literally didn't leave the house all day.  It was AWFUL.  I knew I would learn things on my mission that would help me be a better mom, but I didn't think that lice knowledge would be one of them...  So, Tokarski has just been using this special shampoo every morning and night, and I've been using a special preventative spray in my hair.  Mamma mia, it has been a LONG two days.
New subject.  General Conference!  Wow, wasn't it amazing??  Definite themes that stuck out: discipleship and covenants.  I just loved it.  LOVED Elder Oaks talk in Priesthood (yeah, we just went and watched it with the guys at the church - hey you never know what could help our investigators!).  I feel like it just clarified so many things in my brain!  Also the one about how we all are living our four minutes in the grand scheme of eternity and we have to make it count.  And then I realized that I'm living the four minutes of my four minutes!  Cuz I'm on a mission!  I got slightly stressed, but decided to channel it into positivity and just become a better missionary.  So that's the plan.  My biggest realization from this conference was probably just that I need to work harder to be a better disciple of Christ.  Wasn't Elder Holland's talk great?  Another one of my favorites.  Whenever we're faced with opposition in regard to our religion, we're standing with so many incredible people who had to face even worse things!
In other news, Tokarski and I have taken it upon ourselves to baptize all 24-year-old Chinese females in Torino.  We're not sure how it happened, but we set two baptisms with the most adorable Chinese girls this week - F. and M.!  F. needs a little bit of time but she's awesome. M. already has a testimony of the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith and has been to church a million times and....we're not quite sure why she hasn't been baptized yet.  She just moved here from Vercelli.  But she's awesome too and we're so excited for them both!  AND they both came to conference with us!!!  These past two days threw us off a little bit in their preparation, but we're planning on getting back on track and filling up that font.  Wish us luck.
Anyway, I think that's about it for this week.  I'll send pictures in another email.  AMORE.
Sorella Gunnerson
P.S. Siblings:  Are any of you still alive?  I hope so.  If not...someone really should have told me.  ;)

waiting for another session of conference!  (that's ma hui in the middle!)

1. stinky gel hair!

2. burning lice eggs!

3. sleeping with shower caps on!

my up-to-date picture wall!

p-day with baby j, russell and tokarski!

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